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The white carbon black market is mainly stable (9.20-9.27)

According to the data monitored by the business community, as of September 27, the average price of domestic superior rubber grade white carbon black was 5625.00 yuan/ton, down 3.02% compared with the same period last week. At present, the white carbon black is operating in a narrow range and weak. The merchants give up profits and take orders. The overall market supply and demand are balanced. The negotiation atmosphere is general, the overall trend is stable, and the market supply and demand are balanced. At present, the market supply is normal, the operating rate is stable, and the purchase is mainly just needed.



The price of white carbon black market has declined. Compared with the same period last week, the price is weak. The downstream just needs to purchase mainly, and the contract customers are mainly supplied. The operating rate is stable, the logistics is smooth, the market negotiation atmosphere is flat, the manufacturers are active in shipping, and the overall market is stable.


Upstream hydrochloric acid: As of September 26, the upstream liquid chlorine market has risen slightly in the near future, and the cost support has been strengthened. The downstream ammonium chloride and polyaluminum chloride market has declined slightly, and the downstream purchase intention is general.


Chemical index: On September 26, the chemical index was 981 points, up 1 point from yesterday, down 29.93% from the cycle’s highest point of 1400 points (2021-10-23), and up 64.05% from the lowest point of 598 points on April 8, 2020. (Note: the cycle refers to the period from December 1, 2011 to the present).


The white carbon analyst of the business community thinks that the rubber grade white carbon is mainly stable, the mainstream price is about 6000 yuan/ton, and the price fluctuation range is limited.

On September 27, methanol market rose in shock

According to the monitoring data of the business community, on September 27, the domestic methanol port in East China was 2805 yuan/ton, up 2.37% from the previous working day and down 20.14% year on year. On September 27, the methanol futures of Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange rose in shock. The main contract MA2301 closed at 2739 yuan/ton in late trading, up 92 yuan/ton from the closing of the previous trading day.


In terms of spot goods, the coal price is firm, and the downstream stock is prepared before the festival, which is good for the whole market atmosphere. At the same time, the quotation of production enterprises is relatively high and firm, and the prices of formaldehyde, dimethyl ether and acetic acid in downstream products all rose slightly, driving the prices of the entire industrial chain. However, with the recovery of some early maintenance devices, the supply is increasing, and the early stock inventory is mainly consumed after the holiday. The methanol market may enter the consolidation stage.


The short-term domestic methanol market is mainly arranged.


Cryolite market continued to operate on a wait-and-see basis on September 26

Trade name: cryolite


Latest price (September 26): 7725.00 yuan/ton


Key points for analysis: the cryolite market in Henan Province is stable, and the average price of cryolite production is flat compared with the previous working day. The upstream construction is relatively low, the raw material supply is tight, the price of coal and natural gas is high, which has a great impact on the production of enterprises. Cryolite enterprises are short of inventory, and the price is high. The downstream procurement follows up on demand. The enterprise’s shipment is smooth, and the on-site supply and demand are relatively balanced.


Future forecast: the short-term cryolite market will continue to operate on a wait-and-see basis, and the price will remain stable at a high level. The future market will focus on the market supply.


EVA market price is firm

This week (September 19-23), the price of domestic EVA market was firm, with big stability and small changes. According to the data monitoring of the business community, the average ex factory price of domestic EVA was 20766.67 yuan/ton on September 19, and 20833.33 yuan/ton on September 23. The weekly increase was 0.32%, down 16.78% compared with the same period last year.



As of September 23, EVA factory quotation is as follows:


Product., manufacturer., model., ex factory price

EVA., Yanshan Petrochemical., 18J3., 21000 yuan/ton

EVA., Beijing Organic., Y2022., 19700 yuan/ton

EVA., Yangzi BASF., V5110J., 21800 yuan/ton

The domestic EVA market price was firm this week, and the ex factory price of petrochemical enterprises was mainly stable, with individual increases of 200 yuan/ton. The current market supply is stable, and there is no significant change temporarily. In terms of demand, the market demand for photovoltaic materials is relatively flat, while the market demand for foamed materials needs to be improved, most of which are made up of rigid needs. In terms of cost, the market price of vinyl acetate is weak, and the raw materials bring certain negative effects. The EVA market lacks the power to continue to rise, and the price remains stable.


To sum up, the favorable factors of EVA market are relatively limited at present, there is no obvious change in supply, terminal demand needs to be improved, and the weak cost affects the market mentality. The downstream maintains replenishment on demand, and the market trading atmosphere is general. It is expected that the domestic EVA market price will continue to consolidate in the short term.

On September 22, the asphalt market fluctuated strongly

According to the monitoring data of the business community, the average market price of the manufacturers of petroleum asphalt in Shandong Province on September 22 was 4449 yuan/ton, up 0.19% from the previous trading day, and up 30.77% year on year. On September 22, the closing price of the main contract of domestic asphalt futures was 3764 yuan/ton, up 2.87%.


The international crude oil fluctuated widely, and the performance of asphalt futures was slightly stronger. In terms of spot goods, the overall demand is fair, the ex factory quotations of major refineries remain stable, and the spot resources at the supply level in some regions are still tight.


In the short term, the domestic asphalt market fluctuates at a high level.