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Ethylene oxide summary of this week (January 18 – January 22)

This week, the price of ethylene oxide in East China is still 7500 yuan / ton, that in North China is 7650 yuan / ton, that in South China is 7500 yuan / ton, that in Central China is 7700 yuan / ton, and that in Northeast China is 7450-7550 yuan / ton.


This week, the price of ethylene fell from $1045 / T on Monday to $955 / T today (CFR Northeast Asia price), the price of raw materials fell, and the negative factors on the cost side increased. The difference between the north and the south of the downstream monomer is obvious. The epidemic situation in the south is sporadic, which has little impact on daily production and life. According to market participants, the monomer market is fair at present, and the downstream manufacturers are preparing goods. However, affected by the local aggregation of the epidemic situation, the logistics transportation in the north is not smooth, resulting in the overall downturn of the monomer Market in the north, market participants pointed out, The demand outlook is bearish. Next week, the unit price may go down, and the goods preparation has not started yet, or it will be postponed to around the lunar new year. The price of ethylene glycol dropped slightly and fluctuated, which generally supported the supply side of ethylene oxide. Overall, the supply and demand pattern is weak.


Temporarily stable, the market may decline slightly before the year.


The price of propylene oxide fell, and there was a strong wait-and-see atmosphere

1、 Price trend of propylene oxide


(Figure: p-value curve of propylene oxide product)


2、 Market analysis


On January 21, the market price of propylene oxide fell. According to the data of the business club’s block list, as of January 21, the average quotation price of propylene oxide enterprises was 17933.33 yuan / ton, down 3.58% compared with the previous trading day, down 6.27% compared with the beginning of the week, and up 0.75% compared with December 21, 2020. At present, the inventory pressure of the factory is still controllable, the supplier gives up the profit to ship, the market of propylene oxide falls, the downstream maintains the just need to purchase, the overall rhythm of the market is slightly slow, and there is a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the market. At present, the mainstream quotation of propylene oxide Market in Shandong is around 17500-17700 yuan / ton.


Upstream propylene, on January 20, Shandong propylene market price was mainly stable. According to the price chart of the business club, the propylene price declined all the way at the end of December, and began to rise on New Year’s day. It rose by about 100 yuan / ton on the 4th. Later, it was stable or rose, and the overall rise was in a ladder shape. This month, it has risen by about 250-300 yuan / ton. Today, it is not moving. The market transaction is between 7450-7650 yuan / ton, and the mainstream price is about 7450 yuan / ton. Now the factory has no pressure on inventory, and the delivery is smooth.


Downstream propylene glycol, according to the monitoring data of the business community, as of January 20, the factory price of domestic industrial grade propylene glycol reference 13300 yuan / ton, increased by 17.35% compared with the beginning of the month; downstream soft foam polyether, on January 20, the market price of soft foam polyether in Shandong decreased, the price of raw material propylene oxide decreased, the cost support weakened, although the inventory of downstream raw materials was low, the operation was cautious, just need to take a small order It is mainly distributed.


3、 Future forecast


Business community propylene oxide analysts believe that at present, the impact of changes in the cost side is limited, the pace of downstream soft foam polyether is slowing down slightly, the terminal purchasing mentality is cautious, and the risk aversion and wait-and-see mood is strong. It is expected that in the short term, the propylene oxide market may be in a weak consolidation operation, and more attention should be paid to the market information guidance.


January 20 ammonium sulfate Market with good attitude and firm price

Trade name: ammonium sulfate


Latest price on January 20: 583.33 yuan / ton


On January 20, the price of ammonium sulfate in China was basically stable. Due to the limited transportation and logistics, the overall trading atmosphere of northern ammonium sulfate Market is general, while the quotation of southern market is better. The price of internal grade ammonium sulfate is firm, basically without fluctuation. It is 500-570 yuan / ton in Henan and 450-510 yuan / ton in Shanxi. The main factory price of powdery ammonium sulfate in Hebei is 600 yuan / ton, the main factory price of ammonium sulfate in Shandong is 450-550 yuan / ton, and the main factory price of ammonium sulfate in Hunan is 700 yuan / ton. Ammonium sulfate analysts of business news agency believe that, on the whole, there are more downstream market seekers, and the market mentality is good with an appropriate amount of replenishment a year ago. It is expected that the price of ammonium sulfate will rise steadily in the short term.


Polyoxymethylene, less goods, higher price

1、 Polyoxymethylene market price trend chart


Price curve of paraformaldehyde


According to the monitoring of the business agency, the average price of paraformaldehyde in Shandong Province was 6033 yuan / ton on January 19. Last week, the average price was 5600 yuan / ton, up 7.74%.


2、 Market analysis


Shandong formaldehyde Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., with an annual output of 30000 tons of polyoxymethylene, offers 5400 yuan / ton of Polyoxymethylene (96) including tax, which is the same as last week. Linyi Shengyang Chemical Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 9000 tons of polyoxymethylene. The ex factory price of Polyoxymethylene (96) including tax is 6500 yuan / ton, which is 500 yuan / ton higher than last week. Zibo Qixing Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., with an annual output of 10000 tons of polyoxymethylene, offers 6200 yuan / ton of Polyoxymethylene (96) with ex factory tax, 800 yuan / ton higher than last time; Nanjing qianrui chemical Polyoxymethylene (96) offers 3100 yuan / ton, the same as last time. Affected by the epidemic situation, polyoxymethylene enterprises in Hebei Province shut down, polyoxymethylene market supply was tight, and enterprise quotations rose. The demand for downstream pesticides is acceptable.


According to the monitoring data of the business community, the average producer price of methanol in the upstream was 2310 yuan / ton on January 1, and 2362 yuan / ton on January 18, up 2.27%.


3、 Future forecast


Polyoxymethylene goods less support, business community polyoxymethylene analysts expect that polyoxymethylene or will be the main behavior.


Stable upstream price, stable operation of aluminum fluoride price

The price of fluorite in the upstream remained stable, while the price of hydrofluoric acid rose slightly. On the whole, the ex factory price of aluminum fluoride enterprises remained stable. According to the data of business news agency, the domestic price of aluminum fluoride was 9166 yuan / ton on January 15, which was the same as that at the beginning of the week.


The price trend of fluorite in domestic market is stable for the time being. In the near future, some plants in the yard have been parked. The spot supply in the yard is tight, and the price of fluorite in the yard remains high. The operation of fluorite manufacturers in southern China is stable, the operation of mines and flotation units in the field is normal, the delivery of fluorite in the field is improved, and the price trend of fluorite market is temporarily stable. In the near future, the market price of hydrofluoric acid in the downstream has been stable and slightly increased, and the terminal downstream is mainly purchased on demand.


At present, the overall operating rate of aluminum fluoride remains high, the market supply is sufficient, and the overall price of aluminum fluoride market is relatively stable. In addition, the price of upstream fluorite hydrofluoric acid remained stable, which failed to effectively boost the aluminum fluoride Market. The market price of aluminum fluoride was stable as a whole.


The aluminum fluoride industry analyst of business society chemical branch thinks: the prices of fluorite and hydrofluoric acid in the upper reaches are rising slightly, which has a limited role in boosting the aluminum fluoride Market. It is expected that the price of aluminum fluoride will be stable in the short term.