The domestic phenol market develops first and then suppresses (7.29-8.5)

Trend chart of average price of phenol in the national market


During the week, the domestic phenol market was first improved and then suppressed. At the end of July, several major domestic factories successively issued shutdown and maintenance news, and some of them suspended supply during the shutdown period, and contracted households reduced supply. Stimulated by the favorable supply side, the phenol market quotation was strong and rising, and the downstream inquiry was actively replenished. The suppliers were even more difficult to make profit with low price. The market in East China rapidly increased by 9300 yuan / ton from 9100 yuan / ton on July 28, The increase was more obvious in other mainstream regions. However, the crude oil fell sharply in the middle of the week, and after the general rise of the factory on Wednesday, the traders reported high and low intentions. With the decline of the downstream replenishment mood, the trading in the market was in a cold state, and the actual transaction fell. The phenol Market in East China dropped to 8880 yuan / ton.


Phenol offers in various markets throughout the country during the week are as follows:


Region, quotation, weekly rise and fall

East China, 8880, – 300

Shandong Province, 9150, 50

Surrounding areas of Yanshan mountain, 9150, 50

South China, 9000, 250

The second phase of Zhejiang Petrochemical will be restarted next week. Considering the decline of domestic plant operation rate, the overall impact on supply side is not great. However, considering that there is not much room for the cost side to continue to decline, the carriers may continue to make firm offers, but the terminal downturn demand situation is difficult to change. The business community expects that the phenol market will rise and fall next week, and the overall negotiation will be adjusted in the range of 8850-8950 yuan / ton.


View on acetic anhydride trend on August 4

On August 4, the acetic anhydride market was weak and temporarily stable

According to the monitoring data of the business community, the price of acetic anhydride was weak and temporarily stable on August 4, and the market of acetic anhydride stabilized. On August 4, the price of acetic anhydride was 6225 yuan / ton, unchanged from 6225 yuan / ton on the previous trading day. Some acetic anhydride prices fell below 6000 yuan / ton, and the overall acetic anhydride market was weak and temporarily stable.


Key points of analysis


The price of acetic acid is weak and stable temporarily, the price of methanol rises slightly, the cost of raw materials of acetic anhydride tends to stabilize, the start-up of acetic acid enterprises is stable, the supply of acetic acid is stable, the cost of acetic anhydride is temporarily stable, the sales situation of acetic anhydride is poor, the downstream just needs to purchase, the willingness of customers to purchase is general, it is mainly wait-and-see, and the downward pressure of acetic anhydride is still weak.


Aftermarket forecast


The demand for cost stabilization is poor, the downward pressure of acetic anhydride still exists, and the upward momentum is weak. It is expected that the price of acetic anhydride will be weak and stable in the future.


View on the trend of aluminum fluoride on August 3

On August 3, the price of aluminum fluoride was temporarily stable



According to the data of business agency, the market of aluminum fluoride was temporarily stable on August 3, and the price of aluminum fluoride was temporarily stable. As of August 3, the average price of domestic aluminum fluoride was 10950 yuan / ton, which was temporarily stable compared with the price of aluminum fluoride of 10950 yuan / ton on August 2 of the previous trading day.


Key points of analysis


Recently, the price of hydrofluoric acid has been adjusted weakly, the price of fluorite has fluctuated and increased, and the cost of aluminum fluoride has increased slightly; The price of electrolytic aluminum in the downstream fell, the price of cryolite stabilized, and the demand in the downstream warmed up. Overall, the downward pressure of aluminum fluoride remains, and the upward momentum is increased.


Aftermarket forecast


The cost is stabilizing, the demand is stable, the downward pressure of aluminum fluoride is still there, and the upward momentum is increasing, and the aluminum fluoride market will fluctuate and adjust in the future.

On August 2, the sulfur market in Shandong rebounded and rose

According to the price monitoring of business agency, the average price of sulfur in East China was 996.67 yuan / ton on August 2, up 7.55% from the previous working day. The market rebounded and rose, and the quotation of Shandong refinery was increased by 50-100 yuan / ton.


Last week, the sulfur market continued to decline broadly, the price fell to a low level, the manufacturer’s shipment increased, the inventory pressure weakened, and the downstream active replenishment operation was beneficial to the sulfur market to a certain extent, boosting the market mentality. The manufacturer raised its quotation according to its own shipment situation. However, due to the overall weak situation and limited demand, it is expected that the sulfur market will be adjusted and increased in a narrow range, and specific attention will be paid to the downstream follow-up.


Domestic MIBK market range fluctuation on August 1

At the beginning of the month, the information on the floor was very limited. The domestic MIBK market was adjusted and operated. The floor demand was generally flat, and the negotiation reference was 10200-10400 yuan / ton. Today, the acetone market at the raw material end is strong. The two major factories in East China raised 100 yuan / ton to 4900 yuan / ton, and the negotiated value of the whole East China market is 4900 yuan / ton. Domestic factories may have maintenance plans in August, because despite the high level in Hong Kong, it is expected that the supply chain will decrease in August, and the raw material propanone market will be strong in August. However, the strength of the raw material end has not affected the downstream MIBK market, mainly due to the lack of terminal orders and the steady progress of the cargo carriers. In fact, Xu paid attention to the actual order negotiation in the field.


There is no pressure on enterprise inventory for the time being, orders are dominant, and the circulation volume of intermediate trade is limited. The shippers offer steadily, and the downstream just needs to follow up. The short-term MIBK market operates in shock, and the negotiation reference is 10200-10300 yuan / ton.