Market performance deadlocked, potassium sulfate running smoothly

1、 Price trend

2、 Market analysis

According to the data of business news agency, the domestic potassium sulfate Market was stable in the second week of May. As of May 17, the average price of domestic potassium sulfate 50 particle samples was 2966.67 yuan / ton, which was the same as that at the beginning of the month, with a year-on-year increase of 6.91%.

The current price position of potassium sulfate is the accumulation of positive market from March to early April. At present, the domestic price of potassium sulfate tends to be stable, and it has been mainly in a horizontal deadlock since May. At present, the plant load of domestic potassium sulfate Mannheim enterprises has been adjusted respectively, and the overall level is the same, and the start-up rate is more than 70%. Shijiazhuang hehe chemical 52% potassium sulfate powder factory reference price of 3050 yuan / ton. Shijiazhuang Haofang chemical 50% potassium sulfate powder factory reference price of 2950 yuan / ton, the manufacturer mainly to meet the early orders. In terms of raw material potassium chloride, the recent market is also relatively stable, and the potassium chloride commodity index of Business Association on May 14 was 80.16. Last week, the actual transaction of potassium chloride market was not good. The main contradiction of the market as a whole is still that supply exceeds demand. It is expected that the potassium chloride market will be mainly consolidated at a high level. However, the improvement of potassium sulfate supply is limited in the near future, and the devices of individual enterprises are about to enter the maintenance stage. In terms of external market, potash market supply is also tight, global demand is still strong, and crop fundamentals are stable. The impact on domestic offer is general, and the arrival volume of port and border trade goods is not much.

3、 Future forecast

Potassium sulfate analysts of business news agency believe that: in the second week of May, the price of potassium chloride and potassium nitrate was stable, and domestic potassium sulfate cost support was strong. The cost side and the outside price act on the market at the same time, and the production and trade traders insist on the offer. At present, the potassium sulfate market atmosphere is not active, and the trading fluency is not ideal. It is expected that the domestic potassium sulfate price will continue to run sideways in the near future.