Potash fertilizer market supply tight, potassium sulfate prices continued to rise

1、 Price trend

2、 Market analysis

According to the data of business news agency, the domestic potassium sulfate Market was stronger in early June. As of June 11, the average price of domestic potassium sulfate 50 particle samples was 3200 yuan / ton, an increase of 4.36% compared with the average price at the beginning of May, and an increase of 17.43% compared with the same period last year.

At the beginning of June, the domestic potassium sulfate continued to rise at the end of May, and the ex factory price of enterprises increased greatly. The main advantage of the market is that the supply side of domestic potash fertilizer market continues to be tight in the near future, among which the supply of potassium chloride is tight and the price is high, which directly benefits the processing type potassium sulfate enterprises to take the lead in increasing the spot price. Ningxia Jinniu potassium sulfate 50% powder factory reference price of 3050 yuan / ton. Xiamen Qingshang chemical 50% potassium sulfate powder ex factory reference price of 3400 yuan / ton, manufacturers mainly meet the early orders. A number of potassium sulfate enterprises are sealed and do not accept orders for the time being. In early June, the external potash fertilizer market was stable, and the operating rate of Mannheim plant in China remained about 70% compared with the previous period. At present, the stock of potassium sulfate is low and the market supply is limited. At present, the cost pressure of downstream compound fertilizer manufacturers is increasing, and the load is low. However, it is heard that there is an inquiry in advance in the yard, and there is a willingness to prepare goods, but the acceptance of high price sources is limited.

3、 Future forecast

Potassium sulfate analysts of business news agency believe that: in early June, the price of potassium chloride was stronger, and domestic potassium sulfate cost support was strengthened. In addition to the favorable cost side and the tight supply side of domestic potash fertilizer market, enterprises and traders actively increased. There are passive follow-up operations for end users, and the fluency of high price goods delivery is general. It is expected that the domestic potassium sulfate price will continue to rise in the near future.