Futures prices rise, methanol spot market price is expected to rise

On June 15, the main closing price of methanol futures in Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange was 2514 yuan / ton, up 2.57% in the day. The atmosphere of domestic methanol spot market is warming up. Before the festival, some traders make up for the air and the downstream goods to support the mentality of the industry. After the festival, the new prices in Northwest China may be relatively strong, and at present, they are generally bullish. According to the monitoring of business news agency, as of June 15, the average price of domestic methanol production enterprises in Shandong was 2535 yuan / ton, with a month on month decrease of 7.06% and a year-on-year increase of 56.48%.

However, the maintenance plan of some methanol production enterprises is slightly delayed, the supply is relatively sufficient, and the social inventory is not good for the time being. In terms of downstream demand, the market of formaldehyde, dimethyl ether and acetic acid is mainly on the wait-and-see basis, and there is no obvious positive pull for the moment. The price of MTBE is relatively good, crude oil continues to rise, and the refined oil is about to open an upward window, which gives the market some psychological support and is expected to further push up the methanol market.

Summary of methanol market prices by Region as of June 15

Region, price

Qinghai Area 1940-2100 yuan / ton ex factory cash

Shanxi area 2200-2230 yuan / ton factory cash

Liaoning Province 2280-2300 yuan / ton delivered to the factory

Fujian area 2730 yuan / ton, including tax

Two lakes area Ex factory reference 2380 yuan / ton ex factory cash

Anhui Province 2470-2480 yuan / ton factory withdrawal acceptance

Henan Province 2325-2335 yuan / ton ex factory cash

In the downstream, the formaldehyde market was mixed; The market price of dimethyl ether declined as a whole, and the trading atmosphere was general; The domestic acetic acid market is still tight. The general trend of MTBE market tends to be stable, with only a slight rise in some parts of the north, with an increase of 50 yuan / ton.

In terms of external market, as of June 14, the closing price of CFR China methanol was 307.00-308.00 USD / ton; CFR Southeast Asia methanol market closed at 352.00-353.0 USD / ton, down 2 USD / ton. The US Gulf methanol market closed at 108.00-109.00 cents per gallon, up 1.5 cents per gallon; FOB Rotterdam methanol market closed at 310.00-311.00 euro / ton, down 2 euro / ton.

region , Country. Closing price. Up and down

Asia CFR China 307.00-308.00 USD / T 0 USD / ton

Asia CFR Southeast Asia USD 352.00-353.00/t – US $2 / T

Europe and America Gulf of America 108.00-109.00 cents / gal 1.5 cents per gallon

Europe FOB Rotterdam 310.00-311.00 euro / ton – 2 euro / ton

Crude oil is strong and the market mentality is good. Methanol analysts of business news agency expect that the domestic methanol market may continue to rise in a narrow range in the short term.