Demand slows down and hydrogen peroxide Market weakens before the festival

According to the monitoring data of business society, hydrogen peroxide began to decline from August 24 to September, and the decline of hydrogen peroxide stabilized. On August 24, the average price of hydrogen peroxide in the market was 856 yuan / ton. On August 14, the average price of hydrogen peroxide in the market was 836 yuan / ton, down 2.33%.

Terminal demand is weak, and hydrogen peroxide enters the downward channel

Since August 24, the quotation of hydrogen peroxide manufacturers has fallen steadily, from 856 yuan / ton to 836 yuan / ton, a decrease of more than 1%. In September, due to the end of the terminal paper industry, the caprolactam manufacturer’s goods preparation was completed, and the purchase demand weakened, hydrogen peroxide opened a downward market, with a one-day decline of 1.18%. In the week of September 14, the hydrogen peroxide market has gradually stabilized, lasting 836 yuan / ton. Among them, Anhui Quansheng chemical hydrogen peroxide quoted 930 yuan / ton, Hebei Zhengyuan hydrogen peroxide quoted 820 yuan / ton, Shandong Luxi hydrogen peroxide quoted 760 yuan / ton, and the overall market stabilized.

Business community hydrogen peroxide analyst Li Bing believes that: the Mid Autumn Festival stock market is over, and the future market of hydrogen peroxide has entered a weak consolidation period.