On October 14, the market price of acetic acid decreased

Trade name: acetic acid

Latest price (October 14): 8710.00 yuan / ton

Key points of analysis: on the 14th, the acetic acid market fell. The average price of acetic acid in East China decreased by 160 yuan / ton, down 1.80%. The downstream operation is low, the demand is general, and the response to high price acetic acid is weak. Traders purchase on demand, and the actual transactions are mainly negotiated. The market transaction is not smooth, the inventory of acetic acid manufacturers accumulates, the market price is high and down, and the on-site operators are partial to stalemate on the market mentality.

Future forecast: at present, the downstream demand is mainly rational. Under the condition of gradual recovery of domestic acetic acid plants, the market inventory is accumulated. In order to maintain shipment, the enterprise is expected to sort out the weak future acetic acid market, and pay more attention to the downstream transaction.