Domestic market trends of mixed xylene on November 28

1、 Price summary of mixed xylene on November 25:



Qingdao Refining&Chemical Co., Ltd. quoted 7800 yuan/ton, Shijiazhuang Refining&Chemical Co., Ltd. quoted 7100 yuan/ton,


Jiujiang Petrochemical quoted 7850 yuan/ton, Yangba (solvent) quoted 7700 yuan/ton,


Guangzhou Petrochemical quoted 7850 yuan/ton, Maoming Petrochemical quoted 7800 yuan/ton,


Changling Refining&Chemical Co., Ltd. quoted 7850 yuan/ton,


Xinhai Petrochemical quoted 7800 yuan/ton.


2、 Fluctuation trend:



3、 Analysis and comments:


In terms of crude oil, the market focus is on the issue of the price ceiling of Russian oil in western countries, and no agreement has been reached at present; The oil price continues to be under pressure due to overlapping demand concerns.


Today, Sinopec cut 200 yuan/ton for mixed xylene in East China, 150 yuan/ton for mixed xylene in South China, and 200 yuan/ton for mixed xylene in Xinhai Petrochemical.


The crude oil fell continuously, the market pessimism increased, and the market atmosphere was strong because of the poor negotiation atmosphere. Sinopec continuously lowered the listing price of mixed xylene, and the spot market followed suit.