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Insufficient follow-up by end users, PA6 price narrowly weakened

1、 Price trend:

According to the bulk list data of business society, the domestic market of PA6 has continued to be weak recently, and the spot prices of various brands have been reduced to varying degrees. As of July 26, the mainstream offer price of 2.75-2.85 for China viscosity was about 15466.67 yuan / ton, an increase of 2.43% over the average price at the beginning of the month and 40.61% over the same period last year.

2、 Analysis of influencing factors:

In terms of upstream caprolactam, since mid July, the domestic spot price of caprolactam began to decline gradually in a narrow range. The main positive impact in the first ten days came from the supply side support. Recently, the price of international raw material pure benzene fluctuated downward. Previously, the pressure such as the expected new capacity of phase II of Zhejiang Petrochemical dragged down the pure benzene market, and the cost side support of domestic caprolactam was weakened. In terms of demand, the operating rate of downstream factories is generally not high, the market buying atmosphere is weak, and the operators have a heavy wait-and-see mentality. At present, the domestic demand for caprolactam follows up slowly and the cost support is weakened. It is expected that the price of caprolactam may be weak in the short term.

The price of upstream caprolactam weakened, the cost support of PA6 weakened, and the price fell with the upstream raw materials to a certain extent. At present, the overall load of domestic PA6 polymerization industry is relatively stable, with an average operating rate of about 60%. The lower compound avoids some supply pressure. It is heard that there is no significant warehouse building in the domestic warehouse inventory, and the supply side has some support for the spot. However, the market demand is still at the off-season level, the consumption of terminal enterprises is insufficient, the on-site wait-and-see atmosphere is heavy, and the actual trading is mostly early orders. Buyers are in the mood to offset the high price supply. The previous high offer in the first ten days was forced to fall back, and the downstream goods preparation operation is biased to just need replenishment to maintain production.

3、 Future forecast:

Business analysts believe that the recent narrow weakening of caprolactam in the upstream of PA6 has weakened the cost support of PA6. At present, although the operating rate of PA6 industry remains at a low level, the supply side support remains. However, the demand of end users is difficult to expand, and the resistance to on-site shipment increases. There is little trading in the market and the atmosphere is cold. It is expected that the spot price of PA6 may still weaken in a narrow range in the short term.


The market price of propylene in Shandong rose continuously this week (7.19 ~ 7.23)

1、 Price trend

According to the data of the bulk list of business agencies, the domestic propylene (Shandong) market has turned round the peak this week, rising continuously. The market at the beginning of the week was 7673 yuan / ton, and the average price at the weekend was 7809 yuan / T, up 1.66%.

2、 Analysis and comment

According to the price chart of the business agency, propylene prices have been rising this week, and prices have risen back to the average price in early July. The current market mainstream quotation is 7800-7850 yuan / ton, and the low price is near 7200 yuan / ton. After crude oil prices plummeted last week, the rally accelerated this week, followed by propylene. Downstream procurement on demand, demand is acceptable.

Crude oil continued to rise after the sharp fall this week, with prices rising near the weekly price. This week, it was up 0.35 percent.

The overall change of PP price this week is not significant, the lower level enterprises start rate is not high and demand is insufficient. The purchasing follow-up was weak, and the response to high price sources was poor, with a 0.59% increase in the week.

Acrylic acid has been a remarkable performance this week. In recent months, the price rose by more than 10%, and the price increased by 3.47% in the week. However, the proportion of acrylic acid in propylene demand is limited, and the support for propylene market is limited.

This week, the price of propylene oxide continued to rise, the propylene oxide manufacturers were not pressured, the downstream polyether orders were stable and medium increment, and the market was up. The middle and lower reaches just needed to follow up steadily, the market was not pushed up, and the increase was 3.59% in the week, which limited support for the propylene market.

Overall, the performance of propylene downstream is still acceptable, and the overall market has signs of recovery.

3、 Post market forecast

The propylene analysts of the chemical branch of the business society believe that although the propylene price has rebounded, overall, the oil price is dominated by the air and oil price is closely watched. The short-term market fluctuation and decline are still the main tone.


Boric acid prices continued to rise after finishing

1、 Price trend

According to the monitoring of business agency, the price of boric acid rose this month. The average price of boric acid was 5260 yuan / ton on July 3 and 5590 yuan / ton on July 23. The average price increased by 330 yuan / ton or 6.27% compared with the beginning of the month.

2、 Market analysis

Boric acid prices continued to rise slightly after finishing this month. The rising market of raw borax has a certain impact on the price of boric acid. The price of downstream product glass rose, and the market trading atmosphere was good, which also formed a good support for the price of boric acid. The price of imported boric acid continues to rise forcibly, with large increases in Chile, Turkey and Russia. The price of boric acid in China is relatively stable.

3、 Post potential prediction

The price of boric acid continued to rise this month, especially the price of imported boric acid. There is insufficient start-up in foreign epidemic situations, insufficient domestic production capacity, environmental protection shutdown, tight order arrangement and large price fluctuation. Downstream products also have good support. It is expected that the boric acid market will continue to fluctuate at a high level in the short term.

Low run for a few days, the China domestic n-propanol market price rebounded slightly

According to the price monitoring data of the business club, as of July 22, the average reference price of domestic n-propanol was 6950 yuan / ton, which was 50 yuan / ton higher than that on July 20, or 0.72%; Compared with the price on July 1, the average price decreased by 950 yuan / ton, or 12%.

Market downturn after a few days, the domestic propanol market rebounded slightly

At the beginning of July, the domestic n-propanol market continued to decline. The main reason for the decline of market price was that at the beginning of this month, a large factory in Shandong Province opened a new n-propanol production plant, and the ex factory quotation of n-propanol bulk water was 6100 yuan / ton. The large factory’s low price and the increase of n-propanol supply on the floor led to the decline of n-propanol suppliers on the floor, and the overall market was weak. Until the 20th, the factory price of n-propanol was slightly adjusted by 250 yuan / ton. At present, the factory price of n-propanol rose to 6250 yuan / ton. As of the 22nd, the market of n-propanol in Shandong has not kept up with the pace of large-scale rise, and the spot price of n-propanol continued to maintain the early quotation. In Nanjing area of Jiangsu Province, the ex factory price of n-propanol bulk water is stable at 8000-8500 yuan / ton. In Nanjing Rongxin Chemical Co., Ltd., the n-propanol production unit starts normally, and the ex factory quotation of n-propanol is 8500 yuan / ton. Because dealers and traders have reservations about the price, it is not easy to monitor the commodity price. The specific price is negotiated on a single basis. In addition, the quotation of each region is also different. The price is for reference only.

As for upstream ethylene, since July, the external market of ethylene has risen as a whole. According to the monitoring data of business news agency, on July 21, the price of FD American Gulf was 1045-1062 US dollars / ton in the US ethylene market. Recently, the US ethylene market is stable and the demand is poor. On July 21, the European ethylene market quotation, FD northwest Europe quotation 1160-1170 US dollars / ton, CIF northwest Europe quotation 1063-1071 US dollars / ton, up 3 US dollars / ton. On July 21, the Asian ethylene market quotation, CFR Northeast Asia quotation 1001-1011 US dollars / ton, CFR Southeast Asia quotation 966-976 US dollars / ton. Recently, ethylene prices in Asia are mainly stable. International oil prices rose sharply. Although the US commercial crude oil inventory increased for the first time in eight weeks, the market risk index preference improved and oil prices rebounded sharply.

Forecast of the future trend of propanol

At present, after the price increase of n-propanol in Shandong, it has played a positive supporting role in the overall market, and the shipping confidence of operators has increased. Therefore, the analysts of business society think that in the short term, the market situation of n-propanol may continue to rise slightly.


China’s domestic DMF price trend is stable, demand is general

According to the data monitored by the business agency, as of July 21, the average quotation price of domestic premium DMF enterprises was 12450.00 yuan / ton. Recently, the market price of DMF has been stable, with a large increase in the early stage. At present, it is in the stage of digestion and consolidation. Compared with the same period last month, the price of DMF has increased by 12.84%, and the price change is small compared with the same period last week.

In the near future, the price of DMF is mainly stable, digesting the early increase, and purchasing from downstream rigid demand. At present, the inventory is in normal operation, and it is stable in the short term. Compared with the price at the beginning of July, the price of DMF has increased by 14.22%. Compared with the price at the same period last week, there is no obvious change, and the price has increased by 12.84% compared with the same period last month, Maintain the early trend in the short term.

On July 20, the chemical industry index was 1099 points, up 4 points from yesterday, reaching a record high in the cycle, up 83.78% from the lowest point of 598 points on April 8, 2020( Note: period refers to the period from December 1, 2011 to now

Business agency DMF analysts believe: DMF will remain stable in the short term( For more information on the latest industry chain, welcome to pay attention to official account of business community, obtain commodity information, and grasp commodity price.