At the end of the month, EVA prices continued to be weak and prices decreased

According to the data monitoring of the business agency, the average price of EVA in the domestic market was 18033.33 yuan / ton on July 26 and 17933.33 yuan / ton on July 27, with a single day decline of 0.55%, down 0.92% compared with July 1. Although the overall fluctuation range of EVA has been small since July, the trend is still weak.

As of July 27, the ex factory quotation of EVA is as follows:

product manufactor model Ex factory price

EVA yanshan petrochemical 18J3 17800 yuan / ton

EVA Beijing Organic Y2022 17600 yuan / ton

EVA Beijing Organic Y2045 17000 yuan / ton

EVA BASF Yangzi V5110J 18400 yuan / ton

Near the end of the month, the overall trend of EVA market was weak. On the 27th, the ex factory price of EVA foaming material decreased again. At present, there are some differences in EVA products. Due to tight supply, the price of soft materials has been explored, and the market of hard materials is light, mainly weak. Some petrochemical enterprises raised the quotation of soft materials, and most businesses followed the rise. The downstream is enthusiastic about soft material procurement, and the overall transaction atmosphere of hard materials is weak. The impact of new production capacity on the market is obvious.

Device dynamics of EVA manufacturer:

product manufactor Capacity (10000 t / a) Device dynamics

EVA yanshan petrochemical twenty Normal production

EVA Beijing Organic four Normal production

EVA Ningbo Formosa Plastics seven point two Normal production

EVA BASF Yangzi twenty Shutdown for maintenance on July 5

In the international crude oil market, on July 26, the international oil price stabilized with little fluctuation. The settlement price of the main contract in the U.S. WTI crude oil futures market was US $71.91/barrel, down US $0.16, and the settlement price of the main contract in Brent crude oil futures market was US $74.50/barrel, up US $0.4. The virus variant continues to affect demand expectations, but crude oil supply will remain tight in the coming months of this year.

In the ethylene market, the external ethylene market has shown an overall upward trend recently. The price of ethylene in Asia is stable. As of the 22nd, CFR Northeast Asia closed at USD 1001-1011 / ton and CFR Southeast Asia closed at USD 966-976 / ton. The price center of ethylene market in Europe moved upward. As of the 22nd, FD northwest Europe closed at US $1160-1170 / ton and CIF northwest Europe closed at US $1063-1071 / ton. The price of ethylene in the United States is stable. As of the 22nd, the price is US $1045-1062 / T. recently, the external ethylene market fluctuated and rose. The increase of ethylene in the United States in the early stage is relatively large and stable in the near future. Generally speaking, the overall ethylene external market demand is good recently, the purchasing atmosphere is active, the transaction is good, and the center of gravity of ethylene market moves upward.

On the whole, the current upward trend of international crude oil drives the rise of ethylene, which brings some support to the market. There are some differences in the trend of EVA soft material and hard material. In terms of supply, the new production capacity has a certain impact, and the operators are more cautious. EVA price is expected to maintain a weak consolidation situation in the short term.