On August 2, TDI market in East China was sorted out in a narrow range

According to the bulk list data of business society, the price trend of TDI market decreased slightly. On August 2, the average market price in East China was 15000 yuan / ton, down 1.10% from the previous working day.

The domestic TDI market was shaken and sorted out, the atmosphere in the venue was quiet, the downstream follow-up was general, the transaction in the venue was light, the offer of the cargo holder was large, stable and small, cautious operation was the main, and the market lacked effective guidance. On August 2, for domestic goods with tickets in TDI mainstream market in East China market, it was around 14300-14500 yuan / ton, and for Shanghai goods with tickets, it was around 14700-15000 yuan / ton. The actual order was negotiated.

According to the analysis of TDI data division of business society, at present, the domestic TDI market is generally traded, and the holder’s offer enthusiasm is not high. It maintains the negotiation and shipment. At the beginning of the month, the factory announced the listing price in August, and the price is flat compared with the previous month. There is no good news in the market. In the later stage, TDI market will wait and see the sorting and operation, and pay attention to the downstream follow-up.