Cyclohexanone market fluctuated in a narrow range

The cyclohexanone market fluctuated slightly, Jiangsu Haili plant was shut down for maintenance, and some enterprises purchased in the market. After the sales pressure of cyclohexanone factory was relieved, the price rose. According to the monitoring data of business agency, as of August 3, the average market price of cyclohexanone in China was 10380 yuan / ton, with a month on month decrease of 4.59% and a year-on-year increase of 84.26%.

Summary of domestic cyclohexanone market as of August 33:

region ., Price

East China 10500-10600 yuan / ton cash delivery

South China 11000-11100 yuan / ton, cash delivery, detailed discussion on actual orders

Shandong region 10400-10500 yuan / ton cash delivery

In terms of raw materials and pure benzene, due to the loss of most downstream products and less demand for short supply in the market, the intention of spot purchase in the cycle is not expected, and the overall atmosphere of the market is weakening. After that, the price of styrene fell, followed by pure benzene. Downstream, caprolactam, caprolactam unit, Heze Xuyang caprolactam will restart a line at the end of this month, and the external cyclohexanone recovery unit will have little change temporarily.

The recent market of cost pure benzene mainly fell. After the market price of cyclohexanone rose in some areas, the downstream reaction was flat. The cyclohexanone analysts of business society expect that the short-term cyclohexanone market will enter the consolidation stage.