EVA market price is firm

This week (September 19-23), the price of domestic EVA market was firm, with big stability and small changes. According to the data monitoring of the business community, the average ex factory price of domestic EVA was 20766.67 yuan/ton on September 19, and 20833.33 yuan/ton on September 23. The weekly increase was 0.32%, down 16.78% compared with the same period last year.



As of September 23, EVA factory quotation is as follows:


Product., manufacturer., model., ex factory price

EVA., Yanshan Petrochemical., 18J3., 21000 yuan/ton

EVA., Beijing Organic., Y2022., 19700 yuan/ton

EVA., Yangzi BASF., V5110J., 21800 yuan/ton

The domestic EVA market price was firm this week, and the ex factory price of petrochemical enterprises was mainly stable, with individual increases of 200 yuan/ton. The current market supply is stable, and there is no significant change temporarily. In terms of demand, the market demand for photovoltaic materials is relatively flat, while the market demand for foamed materials needs to be improved, most of which are made up of rigid needs. In terms of cost, the market price of vinyl acetate is weak, and the raw materials bring certain negative effects. The EVA market lacks the power to continue to rise, and the price remains stable.


To sum up, the favorable factors of EVA market are relatively limited at present, there is no obvious change in supply, terminal demand needs to be improved, and the weak cost affects the market mentality. The downstream maintains replenishment on demand, and the market trading atmosphere is general. It is expected that the domestic EVA market price will continue to consolidate in the short term.