Cryolite market continued to operate on a wait-and-see basis on September 26

Trade name: cryolite


Latest price (September 26): 7725.00 yuan/ton


Key points for analysis: the cryolite market in Henan Province is stable, and the average price of cryolite production is flat compared with the previous working day. The upstream construction is relatively low, the raw material supply is tight, the price of coal and natural gas is high, which has a great impact on the production of enterprises. Cryolite enterprises are short of inventory, and the price is high. The downstream procurement follows up on demand. The enterprise’s shipment is smooth, and the on-site supply and demand are relatively balanced.


Future forecast: the short-term cryolite market will continue to operate on a wait-and-see basis, and the price will remain stable at a high level. The future market will focus on the market supply.