On September 27, methanol market rose in shock

According to the monitoring data of the business community, on September 27, the domestic methanol port in East China was 2805 yuan/ton, up 2.37% from the previous working day and down 20.14% year on year. On September 27, the methanol futures of Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange rose in shock. The main contract MA2301 closed at 2739 yuan/ton in late trading, up 92 yuan/ton from the closing of the previous trading day.


In terms of spot goods, the coal price is firm, and the downstream stock is prepared before the festival, which is good for the whole market atmosphere. At the same time, the quotation of production enterprises is relatively high and firm, and the prices of formaldehyde, dimethyl ether and acetic acid in downstream products all rose slightly, driving the prices of the entire industrial chain. However, with the recovery of some early maintenance devices, the supply is increasing, and the early stock inventory is mainly consumed after the holiday. The methanol market may enter the consolidation stage.


The short-term domestic methanol market is mainly arranged.