PVC spot market price rose in January

1、 Price trend



According to the data monitored by the Business News Agency, the spot market price of PVC rose in January. The average price of domestic PVC was 6141.67 yuan/ton on January 1, and 6405 yuan/ton on January 30. The price rose 4.29% in the month.


2、 Market analysis


The spot market price of PVC rose in January, and the cost of PVC was well supported before the Spring Festival holiday. At the same time, the futures price has risen slightly recently, and the confidence of the spot market has strengthened. On-site trading is driven by the demand of downstream enterprises for hoarding, which has some support for the spot price. After the Spring Festival holiday, the PVC market continued its pre-holiday market trend and the price increased. Up to now, the quotation range of domestic PVC 5 carbide is mostly around 6180-6550 yuan/ton.


In terms of international crude oil, the price of gasoline and diesel rose during the Spring Festival. As of the 28th, the price of 92 # gasoline in China was 9005 yuan/ton, up 2.08% from the 19th; The price of domestic 0 # diesel oil was 7566.4 yuan/ton, 1.89% higher than the price on the 19th. The Spring Festival holiday boosted the market of refined oil.


In terms of calcium carbide, the mainstream ex-factory price of calcium carbide in northwest China rose slightly in January. The price of calcium carbide was set from 3700.00 yuan/ton on January 1 to 3816.17 yuan/ton on January 30, up 3.15%. The price at the end of the month was 9.84% lower than the same period last year. The price of the upstream raw material blue carbon has recently stabilized at a high level, and the cost of calcium carbide is well supported. Downstream 1,4-butanediol and PVC market rose slightly, and downstream demand improved. In the future, it is predicted that the price of calcium carbide in the northwest region will rise slightly in the first ten days of February, mainly by consolidation.


3、 Aftermarket forecast


According to the PVC analyst of the Business Society, the price of PVC spot market rose this month, and the downstream replenishment price of PVC spot market rose before the Spring Festival, and the market continued its pre-holiday rise after the holiday. The futures price fell today, which has a certain impact on the confidence of the spot. It is expected that in the short term, the PVC spot market will still operate in a small fluctuation.