The cost is stable and the demand is poor, and the DBP price fluctuates and falls this week

DBP prices fell in shock this week



According to the data monitoring of the Business News Agency, as of March 13, the DBP price was 9525 yuan/ton, down 0.65% from the DBP price of 9587.50 yuan/ton on March 6. The plasticizer DBP enterprises started steadily, the supply of DBP was sufficient, and the rise of raw materials was not supported enough. This week, the price of DBP fell sharply.


The price of raw materials fluctuated and consolidated this week


According to the price monitoring of the business agency, as of March 13, the price of ortho phthalic anhydride was 8637.50 yuan/ton, up 1.92% from the price of 8475 yuan/ton on March 6. The price of o-xylene rose, and the willingness of phthalic anhydride to stand up was strong. The price of phthalic anhydride rose in shock this week, and the rising power of DBP increased.


According to the price monitoring of the Business Agency, as of March 13, the price of n-butanol was 7300 yuan/ton, down 1.35% from that of March 6, 7400 yuan/ton. The start of n-butanol enterprises this week was stable, and the demand for the end of n-butanol downstream stock was poor. The price of n-butanol this week fell in shock, and the cost of DBP fell. The rising power of DBP in the future weakened, and the downward pressure increased.


Downstream PVC market fluctuated and fell


According to the price monitoring of the business agency, the PVC price was 6225 yuan/ton as of March 13, down 0.29% from the PVC price of 6243.33 yuan/ton on March 1; The price of PVC fell by 0.35% from 6246.67 yuan/ton on March 6. In March, the spot price of PVC fluctuated and fell, the transaction of PVC spot market was tepid, the enthusiasm of downstream and traders to take goods was poor, the demand for DBP was poor, and the downward pressure of DBP remained.


Aftermarket expectation


According to DBP data analysts of Business News Agency, plasticizer enterprises started work steadily this week and DBP supply was sufficient; In terms of raw materials, phthalic anhydride rose in shock, n-butanol prices fell in shock, and DBP raw material costs consolidated; In terms of demand, the downstream PVC price fluctuated and fell, and the demand for plasticizers was poor. In the future, the cost of plasticizer DBP tends to stabilize and the demand is less than expected. It is expected that the price of plasticizer DBP will fluctuate and consolidate in the future.