Trichloromethane market rose first and then fell

Since March, the market of chloroform has risen first and then declined. According to the data of the Business News Agency, the price of trichloromethane bulk water in Shandong was 3275 yuan/ton as of March 14, a slight increase of 2.34% from 3200 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month, and the peak in the cycle was 3450 yuan/ton. The downstream trichloromethane refrigerant market has gradually entered the traditional peak season, with the price rising, and there is a demand for replenishment of trichloromethane. In addition to the shutdown and maintenance of some enterprises’ methane chloride devices in the early stage, the market supply is expected to be tight, and the factory price of trichloromethane has been increased, and the mainstream offer of trichloromethane market has risen; In the later stage, with the restart of the overhaul unit, the supply of chloroform became loose, and the price of raw material methanol fell slightly, and the market of chloroform fell slightly.



Since March, the start of methane chloride unit has risen slightly. Trichloromethane supply pressure increases.


Since March, the price of raw material methanol has declined slightly, and the cost support of trichloromethane has weakened. According to the business news agency, the spot price of methanol was 2640 yuan/ton as of March 14, down 3.47% from 2735 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month. The international crude oil price has dropped sharply in the past two days, combined with the overall stability and small fluctuation of the domestic coal market, the methanol price will not rise significantly in the near future, and the cost of chloroform is expected to be stable and weak.


On the one hand, the total production quota of R22 will be reduced by 19% to 181800 tons in 2023. On the other hand, since the arrival of the traditional peak season in March, the price of R22 will continue to rise and there will be a replenishment demand for chloroform. However, the overall demand will continue to decrease compared with previous years due to the reduction of the quota.


According to the methane chloride data analyst of the Business News Agency, although the demand side of chloroform is currently supported, the supply side has become loose, and the price of raw materials has fallen, so it is expected that the market of chloroform will consolidate in a narrow range in the short term.