On February 19th, the price of imported potassium chloride fell by 1.80%

Product name: Potassium chloride (imported)


Latest price (February 19th): 2725 yuan/ton


On February 19th, the domestic market price of imported potassium chloride slightly decreased, with a decrease of 50 yuan/ton compared to February 18th, a decrease of 1.80%, and a year-on-year decrease of 30.13%. At present, the port’s 62% self raised price of white potassium is around 2500 yuan/ton; The self raised price of 60% Dahong particles at the port is around 2700 yuan/ton. Border trade accounts for 62% of Russian white potassium at around 2400 yuan/ton. The terminal price of potassium chloride in domestic salt lakes is around 2860 yuan/ton. The potassium chloride port has a storage capacity of about 4 million tons. The downstream market for potassium carbonate and potassium nitrate has slightly declined, and downstream purchasing enthusiasm has weakened. International potassium fertilizer prices continue to decline, with a combination of bearish factors.


In the future, domestic potassium chloride prices may experience a slight fluctuation and decline, with consolidation being the main trend. The average import market price of potassium chloride is around 2700 yuan/ton.