The market for ethyl acrylate may weaken after the holiday

Recently (2.13-2.20), the market price of ethyl acrylate in East China was 10500 yuan/ton, and in North China it was 10700 yuan/ton; The market price in South China is 10800 yuan/ton.


As of February 20th, the market trend of ethyl acrylate has also shown a narrow decline. According to data from Business Society, as of February 2nd, the average price of isooctyl acrylate in Shandong was 10450 yuan/ton, a decrease of 1.42% compared to the previous month. During the Spring Festival, after returning to the market after the holiday, enterprises gradually resumed normal production, while the majority of other enterprises did not change their production.


Prior to the holiday, most downstream enterprises completed pre holiday stocking, resulting in reduced demand for raw materials and a decline in high raw material prices in some regions, leading to a weakening of cost support; After the holiday, there may not be a significant improvement in downstream deep processing demand, and there is still a possibility of a downward trend in raw material prices in mainstream regions, with weak cost support.


During the Spring Festival holiday, enterprises are restricted in their production and will return to the market after the holiday. Downstream enterprises are gradually resuming normal production, and their production has increased significantly compared to before the holiday. However, most downstream enterprises have inventory of raw materials in the early stage, and their enthusiasm for purchasing ethyl acrylate is slightly dull, resulting in a slow increase in demand.


In summary, the ethyl acrylate analyst at Shengyishe believes that in the future, there may be a decline in raw materials or inventory, and downstream terminals will maintain their demand for goods; The bearish factors on the market are gradually emerging, and there is a strong bearish atmosphere among businesses. However, considering the losses suffered by ethyl acrylate companies in the early stage, the business offers are slightly firm, and it is expected that the market price of ethyl acrylate will remain stable and weaken after the holiday.